Friday, January 13, 2017

Estes Solar Warrior (#3225) Build, Part 11, Engine Mount

Set the engine mount assembly on the side of the model at the depth it will end up.

Beneath the mount is a glue glue applying dowel. The top end of the dowel is set where the glue ring will go. The dowel tip is set just below the upper centering ring of the engine mount. The rear of the dowel is marked at the end of the body tube.
This way the glue ring will be set down slightly below the final upper ring position.

Apply a ring of glue around the tip of the dowel.
Set the dowel inside the main tube up to the pencil mark.
Roll the glue around the inside of the tube. Add more glue and Repeat until you have a glue ring all the way around.
Use the nozzle to set the mount depth in place. Be sure the engine hook is in line with the launch lug.
The top of the nozzle shoulder should but up against the low engine mount centering ring.
Remove the nozzle.

After it dries, slide a painting dowel (with 24mm casing) into the engine mount.

Here the model is ready for the white paint. Tape pieces are set on the inside rim of the body tube. The engine mount tube is also masked off.

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