Friday, January 6, 2017

Estes Solar Warrior (#3225) Build, Part 4, Separating The Nose Cone - TIP

This step is not covered in the instructions, except for a small illustration on the first page "Parts" drawing.

TIP: Don't separate the nose cone end first. You'll have more control, and more to hold on to, if you cut from the back and move forward. Cut off the rear ring first.

TIP: Notice the knife tip placement in the wide notch. The blade is set to the right side. The notches are wider than the blade. When you cut to one side you'll have less to clean up and remove later.


  1. Do you prefer a knife or hobby saw for these cuts? I held off on buying a hobby saw thinking I really didn't need one. I finally gave in and got one. Now I can't imagine building without one. I use light cuts and roll the object being cut. Fast and easy.

    1. Hi Bar,
      Sometimes if depends on the thickness of the blow molded plastic. Other times the saw might have been upstairs and I didn't feel like going up the stairs!
      I rarely use a hobby saw. It has it's place but this plastic nose cone was pretty thin. I would use the saw for cutting through thicker dowels or a balsa nose block.