Sunday, January 29, 2017

New Orlando Area NAR Section, ROAR #795

The newest Central Florida NAR Section #795 had a launch scheduled for Saturday, January 28. A burn ban postponed the actual launch but an informational get-together was held. I took a trip over to the site near Christmas, Florida to say Hi and check out the launch site. I got the grand tour from Adam Nehr, his wife Barbara and Matt Fonseca.
While the ROAR Section will host LPR launches, the original focus was directed towards future aerospace engineers, SEDs, teachers and enthusiasts. Larger rockets can follow a launch protocol with extensive data analysis.
Without a doubt this is the most sophisticated launch control I had ever seen.

That's Adam in the launch control center. This is an interior shot with everything built into his pickup bed.
A former experimental pilot, Adam has done photo and film analysis for NASA. His past work as an engineer and machinist came into play constructing controllers, launchers, video, a weather system, radio network, data tracking and even a remote fire extinguishing sprinkler.

The low power pads have baking pans serving as blast deflectors. Each launcher has flight angle control.

The inset picture shows an extended wire "first activation switch". When the rocket leaves the pad the switch activates the flight timers in the L.C.C.

The gantry on the mid power tripod launcher is interesting.
When remotely pulled back before launch, a string is pulled, a magnet released and the video camera is started. (See inset picture) No more long still videos or dead batteries while waiting on the pad!
Matt demonstrates a tool for freeing a rocket stuck high up in a tree.
The slingshot launches a lead weight tied to the fishing line and reel.

The next R.O.A.R. launch is scheduled for February 25.

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