Friday, January 27, 2017

Estes Galactic Taxi #1914 Build Part 9, Cleaning Up The Undercoat

When the white undercoat dried I could see the glue fillets when held up to the light.
These would show after the yellow color coats. All the shiny glue fillets got a light sanding with 400 grit.
Any fuzzies on the card stock were also lightly sanded.

There were still glue blobs on the fillet areas. This shows how it looked after sanding.
The whole model got another white undercoat to even out the white.

There are lots of nooks on this model. Some areas didn't get full coverage of the white undercoat.
Rather than re-spraying (and adding more weight -)
I sprayed some white in a small mixing cup. A Q-tip was dipped in the paint and a bit of excess wiped off. The paint was rolled on by spinning the Q-tip between my fingers.

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