Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Estes Galactic Taxi #1914 Build Part 6, Forming Cardstock

To pre-emboss the folds in card stock I use the back side of a single edge razor blade. The rolled over metal is tight and rounded.

Tape over the blade side with a few wraps of masking tape.
TIP: Set the back embossing side of the blade down on the dotted line first. Then slide the ruler up to the blade. This will compensate for the thickness of the embossing tool.

The backside of a Sharpie pen was used to make a sharp fold over the already embossed lines.

The fairing support pieces are scored first.
Start the fold over the side of your straightedge (upper right).
Finish and sharpen the fold with the Sharpie barrel.

The canopy looks pretty strange before scoring and folding to shape.
While the glue dries, the tabs are held down with long tweezers.
You need very little glue on card stock shrouds or canopy tabs.

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