Saturday, January 14, 2017

Estes Solar Warrior (#3225) Build, Part 13, White Touch Up

Getting paint in all the nooks and corners was tough on this one.
I missed a few spots around the fit tip covers. (see third picture)
For fin edges like this I can touch up without spraying the entire model again.

A small snack sized Baggie was pressed into a small plastic cup.
Some paint was sprayed into the baggie, four quick shots close to the cup.

Dip a Q-tip into the paint puddle in the baggie.
Wipe off the excess on some scrap.

Roll, don't brush the paint loaded Q-tip over the light paint area.
You might have to go back for a second coat.

I wouldn't recommend touch-ups like this on a large, flat area.
This works best on edges and inside corners.

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