Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fixing A Corner Chip - TIP

Did you ever get a small grain break at the corner of a fin? 
You could use wood filler but this method will stick better.
In preparation, have some balsa sawdust gathered in a small pile.

Drop a small bit of sand-able yellow wood glue into the corner.

Drop the glued corner into the balsa sawdust pile picking some up in the wet glue.
The glue sawdust mix should be a bit larger than the area you want to fill.
Let it thoroughly dry.

Use a sanding block and take the sawdust blob down to the surface.

Sanding glue is a bit tougher than sanding down regular wood filler. Sometimes on a corner like this wood filler won't stay in place. Wood filler works better in holes or grain lines.

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