Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Estes Solar Warrior (#3225) Build, Part 1, Parts

This was another clearance sale kit. A great value for a BT-60 based model at 27" tall.
It is designed to fly with C11 and D12 engines. Two feet tall, BT-60 models are favorite size for me.
Look at all that balsa! Each fin is four pieces, built up into a "T" shape.

The decal sheet is big, all black print.
The engine mount tube is standard BT-50, not heavy walled.

The nose cone is long, the same NC/tailcone unit from the QCC Explorer.


  1. I have one of these in the build pile. I'll be watching this with interest for your great tips.

  2. I floated one off the edge of the earth on its first flight. Got another ready to build, but I can't find my mojo at the moment.