Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Video of Quest 18mm Composite Engine Test

Posted by Daniel Petrie, the Rocket N00b, on TRF -

"AeroTech sent us a tweet at The Rocketry Show podcast twitter account - video of a static test of one of the new Quest composite model rocket motors!"
This test doesn't look like much but this could be very big.
To see the short video clip: CLICK HERE


  1. I've never used a composite motor though I have looked at the data. If AT/Quest is getting power levels from their new "hobby" style motors comparable to (scaled down of course) what larger composite motors can do this is going to be very big. Lots more thrust, lots quicker means much wider design parameters - current style rockets going higher, faster and a wider variety of designs. Going to be interesting - can't wait to see what you designers can make fly safely with higher performing engines!

    1. Hi Openroad,
      I had known about these engines for about a year, but was asked not to comment about them on the blog. With the Estes black powder engines going up and up in price the idea of an affordable 18mm composite engine was realized.
      My concern is the ejection charge. The ejection charges in the AT engines are pretty strong and can really char up the inside of a LPR body tube. I'm sure AT can just use less loose BP.
      I don't know if these 18mm A, B and C engines will have more thrust than what is already out there. But the 18mm D engines will be fun.