Monday, January 9, 2017

Estes Solar Warrior (#3225) Build, Part 7, Observations

I almost hate to tug on the parachute shroud lines. If they break easily they will have to be replaced.
These broke with a light pull. I'll replace them with all cotton embroidery thread.

The reinforcement rings turned out to be paper. Paper reinforcement rings are worthless and don't strengthen the shroud line tie area.
These will also be replaced with plastic Avery rings.
I'm building two Solar Warrior kits. One kit had a brown tube, the other was white.

On the far left is the brown tube sprayed with grey filler/primer. The white tube is beside it on the right. Look close and you can see the white tube is rougher after sanding down the CWF seam fill.

The inset picture shows both tubes again after the primer/filler was sanded down. Both tubes feel equally smooth. But, if you lightly squeeze the tube ends between your thumb and index finger the white tube feels a bit weaker. It's a guess on my part, but the white tubes may contain a higher content of recycled fibers.


  1. I always thought the brown tubes seemed stronger.

  2. I prefer the brown tubes,less prep work before paint. I also think the quality is better but then maybe it is just nostalgia!

  3. I agree, the brown tubes seem sturdier. Bought some Surefire white tubes on sale one time at a ridiculous price: You get what you pay for. Very flimsy.

    1. To Rocket NOOb,
      If you get the chance, check out the old brown tubes in a vintage kit. They are even stronger and better made than the current brown tubes!
      To Moontana,
      It's not just nostalgia, the earlier brown tubes were stronger. You notice it more in the BT-20 and 50 tubes.
      To BAR,
      I've received some white tubes that were so bad I threw them out!