Thursday, October 16, 2014

Art Applewhite MMX Bic Pen Rocket Build, Part 1, Parts

Here's a quick freebie. 
A high performance, MicroMaxx rocket made from a Bic pen.
Art Applewhite has designed some great saucers, spools and monocopters

First stop by:
Check out all the spools, saucers and monocopters
Look to the upper left, click on "Free Stuff"
Read the Limitation of Liability,
Click on "I Agree"
Go to the Free Stuff page - Click on "MicroMaxx Rockets"
Click on the "Bic StiC"

Print out the instructions (with fin can) on 110 lb. card stock.

You'll need a Bic StiC pen and hobby tools.
Add a 1/4" dowel if you want make an coupler, Kevlar and a streamer for recovery.

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