Saturday, October 11, 2014

Estes Teros Upscale, Part 12, Fillets

Here's the Teros fin fillets after the first white coats.
I used three applications of the Titebond M&TG.
On a model this size the fillet radius seems too small. I didn't want to use epoxy but I'll need it to make the fillets larger and rounder.
I think the fillet size should reflect the size of the up scaled model.

In the first picture you can almost see the sunken center line of the fillet.
When roughing up the fillets that line is even more apparent.
I sanded the fillets with 220 grit wrapped around a Q-tip.

I've covered epoxy fillets in earlier blog posts.
The dried epoxy fillets look smooth and even.
After a shot of gray filler/primer you can see any inconsistencies.

The new epoxy fillets were sanded even with some 220 grit wrapped around a Q-tip.

The inset picture shows the fillets after a second sanding with 400 grit.

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