Monday, October 20, 2014

Art Applewhite MMX Bic Pen Rocket Build, Part 5, Upper and Lower Assembly

While the instructions say you can use "lawn dart" recovery, you are encouraged to add a recovery system. A small streamer will be fine.

I'll cut off an upper section and make and adapter from a dowel.
My 1/4" dowel diameter was a little loose in the tube so it got a wrap of copy paper.

The end of the Kevlar got a double knot.
The upper picture shows how the Kevlar will sit, wedged between the dowel and tube.

The inset picture shows the finished section with the dowel glued in.
The fin can is slid over from the top down.
It was glued in place with a few small drops of CA at the joint edges.
The instructions show the fin can even with the end of the tube. I set mine up about 1/8" from the rear.

The launch lug was set in place with tweezers.
Set down a drop of CA. Pick up the lug with tweezers.
Run the back of the lug through the CA drop. Set the lug into a fin root edge.
The instructions show two smaller lugs. I went with a single longer lug at the rear.

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