Thursday, October 16, 2014

Moving a (Fresh) Decal?

One side of the U.S. ARMY decal on my Patriot model wasn't centered. I noticed this the day after the decal was placed.
You can't always get away with lifting and replacing a decal. This home print decal was set down the night before and hadn't been sealed yet.

The entire decal was wetted down.
The corner was carefully lifted with a knife blade tip.

Wet the underside and lift a little of the decal.
Repeat this down the entire decal length.
Don't let the decal fold under or onto itself.

Success will depend on the thickness of the clear coat and how strong the backing adhesive is. Don't try this on a decal that has set up over time.
The inset shows the decal reset and centered.
One more day and the decal edges will be sealed with Future acrylic.

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