Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Estes Teros Upscale, Part 14, Decals

Set the horizontal bands on first, the U.S. AIR FORCE decals will center between these.

There was a paint ridge on the upper mask between the white and orange below. The clear border was cut off the bottom and the black edge set right on top of the paint ridge.
The decal could have been centered on top of and over the paint ridge. Setting the decal right on top of the ridge hides the raised paint lip.

The inset picture shows the band decals with the overlap seams in line with the launch lug. This hides the overlap when the model is on the launcher.

Enlarge the picture and look for the pencil marks at the lower right of the "R".
For centering, mark the center point on the body and the decal. It's easier to set the long decal down when the decal and body center points are already marked.

I made the mistake of leaving a hairline border around the fin center decals. This thin line had to be cut off.

White decal squares were set down and centered between the fins.
The black print decals were set on top.

TIP: Whenever you do a double layer decal, wait for the first decal to totally dry. Otherwise both layers will slip around on the surface.

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