Monday, October 20, 2014

The "Original" Estes Catalog?

Earl Cagle, Jr. posted this EBAY link on YORF,

An original 1962 Estes catalog.
According to the YORF posts that followed, this is the second "Penrose" edition. The first catalog was produced in Denver.

Look close on the left side to see the Gleda Estes sewing machine binding!

The EBAY link is HERE

This catalog is considered highly collectible.
You can see full scans of every page - CLICK HERE


  1. My uncle has an old Estes catalog that's brick red--I remember looking through when I was a kid, 40+ years ago! I wasn't much interested in that catalog because it only had one or two rockets in it. I liked his other catalogs better, particularly the one with the Aston Spaceman.

    1. Is this the one you are referring to?

      That's the first catalog that featured the Spaceman.
      The Ninfinger site has many catalog scans.

    2. Found a pic of it.

    3. The page says it's rare but there's probably a bunch sitting around in attics. Any idea of the value?

    4. I have no idea of the catalog value. I guess it's whatever a collecter would want to pay.

  2. The catalog I didn't like much looks like the one in this post but the cover is reddish brown instead of white. The one I liked to read was the 1966 catalog, based on the website you linked to. I poured over that old catalog for hours back in the day!

  3. I've been to that website before, I didn't think of it when you were asking about a red catalog. It' a great resource.