Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Estes Patriot Build #2056, Part 8, Tube Primer and Fin Marking

On the left is the lower tube joint below the center of the launch lug.
The joint seam was already sanded smooth and filled with CWF and sanded again.
After that some medium CA was applied with a Q-tip and the excess wiped off.

The tube was shot with a coat of primer/filler.
the inset picture shows the tube after sanding. The white area right below the joint is the sanded CA glue.

I tried the tube marking guide cut from the instruction sheet. The ends matched up well.

TIP: After the tube is marked for the four fins, turn the marking guide 90 degrees to the next fin mark. The "Star" marking is the launch lug line. In the inset picture you can see the star turned to the right, 1/4 way around the tube.

Sometimes a kit supplied marking guide can be off. This is a simple way to check if it is printed up correctly.

Build time: (Some items below weren't covered by pictures in this build)
Body tube seam fill = 10 minutes
Sand body tube seam filler = 10 minutes
Fill launch lugs and sand = 10 minutes
CA coat tube edges = 5 minutes
Spray primer = 5 minutes
Sand primer smooth = 20 minutes
Total build time so far = 3 hours 15 minutes


  1. Did you see:

    A rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station has gone down in a spectacular explosion in the US state of Virginia. No one was killed when the commercially manufactured Antares rocket crashed shortly after launch at Nasa's Wallops flight facility. The rocket was carrying more then 2000kg of supplies

    1. Yes, I did see the report on a newscast. Thanks for the link.
      This blog does primarily focus on model rocket construction and kit news. There are other blogs that cover NASA news.