Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Rocketry Show Podcasts

CG and Gheem have started rocketry podcasts available for download at:

I listened to the second podcast and sent this email:

Hi  CG and Gheem,
 I enjoyed listening to the second podcast - keep 'em coming!
There were a few points that might need clarification.
These are not critiques, just suggestions for current and historical clarity.

  • Vern Estes approached Model Missiles about making engines for them. Model Missiles didn't approach Vern Estes.
  • Another great benefit to NAR membership is the NAR Member Guidebook. The 40% off coupons could almost pay for the NAR membership fees!
  • Semroc hasn't closed up shop - yet! They are still selling remaining parts and some kits. There are rumors the Semroc has been sold, but I'm waiting for an actual announcement.
  • When finding your C/G of a rocket, it's sometimes best to load the largest recommended engine. Then you can add nose weight if needed and (for example) be covered from an A engine through a C.
  • Centuri (Engineering) is pronounced "Centouree". Lee Piester liked the star name Alpha Centauri. He dropped the Alpha and the "A" from Centauri and got "Centuri".

Thanks again for the podcasts! You're off to a great start.
Chris Michielssen


  1. I'm a little surprised by your first point. There's an interview here in which Vern Estes says "G. Harry was looking for a better source. He contacted the three fireworks distributing companies in Denver in hopes of locating a suitable supplier. My parents ran a company called "Mile High Fireworks." When Harry called he talked to my mother, Myrtle Estes. … So when mom got the call from Harry she knew that Mile High could not help, but suggested her enterprising son might be interested. This was in May of 1958." Perhaps he was misremembering or misstating what really happened but does someone tell the story differently?

  2. Hi Rich,
    I got my information from hearing G. Harry Stine do a talk at a California convention years ago.
    I found this on page 13 in the history typed up by Mr,. Stine:
    It sounds like the same story. Vern Estes showed up and introduced himself, saying that he could make engines better and cheaper. That was probably after his mother told him about the engine making phone call to Mile High Fireworks.
    According to the typed letter history, Harry Stine met Vern Estes for the first time when he walked into the MMI offices. Harry Stine didn't contact Vern Estes directly.
    Interesting Sport Rocketry article, thanks for the link. I had read it before but didn't remember the (Mother) Myrtle Estes connection.