Friday, October 17, 2014

Art Applewhite MMX Bic Pen Rocket Build, Part 2, Fin Can

You might find it easier to prep the fin can before cutting it off the instruction page.
I coated the print side of the fin pattern with medium CA applied with a Q-tip. Go lightly, you don't want to smear the ink. The CA coat will gray up the white card stock slightly.

Pre-score the fold lines. It's easier to do now before the fin can is cut off the instructions.
I used a straightedge and the back side of a razor blade. Tape over the sharp side with a few layers of masking tape. You can also use the tip of a dull butter knife, not a serated knife.

Cut the outside and center squares then cut and remove the fin can piece.

The inset shows how the fin can folds in.
Art Applewhite must have done a bit of Origami in the past. 

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