Saturday, October 11, 2014

N.E.F.A.R. Launch, October 11, Bunnell, FL

It was still hot in Bunnell, but not miserable.
Winds were calm with occasional thermals.

My first up was the CHEROKEE GOON with a Quest B6-4.
Estimated altitude 350'.
I always start small to check the winds and pads.

Roger Smith launched an Edmonds Geminee Thunder twin boost glider with a D12-3.
At apogee the two gliders separate and circle in.
While the upper glider came in faster, the lower glider made lazy circles over the flight line.
These have a big wingspan and are impressive in the air.

My slightly stretched Quest X-15 flew with an Estes C6-5 to maybe 700 feet.
Under the 12" parachute it drifted and landed next to the MPR and HPR pads. I forgot about it until later in the day.
When we were leaving, Mike Orpi walked up and said: "Forget something?"
I almost left the X-15 on the ground near the MPR launchers. Thanks Mike!

This was the second flight for the Estes GUARDIAN, this time with an Estes C6-5.
The estimated altitude would be 800 feet.
There was a small melt in the spill holed parachute.

Mike Orpi racks up three models at a time. I don't know how he keeps track of where they land.
Here's his well flown FlisKits T.O.G.
Look close, the upper fin and tube are held in place with Scotch tape.
It flew a few times today with D12 engines.

A personal favorite, the Quest AEROSPACE ONE.
This was the sixth flight, this time with a Estes D12-5 to about 875'.

The parachute wasn't opening, the model fell flat with no damage. I thought there might be some chute melts but it was clean. It just wouldn't open with the shock cord draped over the canopy.

Here's the first launch of the Estes PATRIOT with a C6-5.
This was a textbook flight to 600 feet and recovery under a 12" spill holed parachute.
This model will be built on the blog, lots of upgrades and revisions. Look close and you can see holes in the upper payload section for an altimeter.
The 3/16" launch lug had a 1/8" lug adapter friction fitted in.

Also Flown:
Odd'l Rockets LITTLE GREEN MAN  with an Estes C6-5.
It showed a few slow turns during boost to 650'.

The ride home was an adventure.
The JonRocket trailer had a blowout about five miles from the Bunnell site!
First, a phone call and a trip to Tire Kingdom for a replacement
Tom Tweit stopped by with a larger jack and we were back on the road without much trouble.


  1. "Mike Orpi racks up three models at a time. I don't know how he keeps track of where they land." Yep. He's better at than they guy who flew the X-15 and forgot to recover it :-)

  2. Yeah, I know!
    A friend left a camera and tripod at a Tampa launch. We were almost home and had to drive back!