Thursday, June 21, 2018

New Estes Scale Offering -

I had a feeling this one was coming up! Hey, that capsule should be black . . .
I built a Mercury Little Joe two years ago. A quote from the August 20, 2016 blog build: "With the success of the recent Estes scale model releases, I wouldn't be surprised if Estes came out with a MR Little Joe I using the 2" diameter Centuri capsule and tower."
Here's my earlier build: CLICK HERE 

From the Estes Facebook page:
"Product Development Director, Mike Fritz, loads a production model of the NEW Little Joe 1 kit due to be released soon. Witnessing the launch are Estes team members (left to right) Dave DelVecchio, Mary Roberts, Chandra Serfoss, and Angela Everhart."
Wait a minute - Angie Everhart works at Estes?

This kit looks like it is based on the ST-20 based Enerjet News Little Joe I using the old Centuri plastic capsule and tower. 
Get ready for lots of Facebook and forum complaints about how hard the tower is to assemble.
Here's the easier assembly links to the capsule and tower assembly: CLICK HERE A, CLICK HERE B 

The new 2018 Estes Catalog is available by mail order from the website. An online version should be out in a week or so -


  1. Guess the second Mercury Redstone I acquired to bash into a LJ will end up as a Jupiter C...

  2. Love that barbecue grill launch pad. I’m glad Mike Fritz gets a chance to actually fly something once in awhile....

    1. Hi Bernard,
      You'd think the official launch platform at Estes would be a little more sophisticated, but it gets the job done!