Monday, September 26, 2016

Estes Gemini Titan #1978 Build, Part 11, Decal Wrap & Finished

A spray paint decal was made to wrap around the capsule base.
This was sealed with a coat of Future.

This was an interesting build.
Anybody that built the original big Estes Gemini Titan (OOP two engine cluster model) might be disappointed by this smaller, BT-60 based model.

The kit decals would be very hard to lay down over the tunnels on the body tube. There is no allowance or cutouts to form around the tunnel ends.

The nozzles are meant for display and like the clear fin unit, lock into the end with a twist.
Could Estes bring this one back? Maybe - If they fix the decal problems.


  1. Hey Chris,
    Beautiful build, I'm sure your client will be very happy. Speaking of Estes, there is a question that's been on the back of my mind ever since my return to model rocketry: why doesn't Estes use Kevlar in any of their kits? Even their big Pro Series II models use a glorified paper shock cord anchor. I'm speculating that maybe it has something to do with patents/royalties? Any thoughts from you or your readers?

    BAR Geezer

    1. Thanks BAR,
      I think Estes is going by tradition. I can't speak for Estes, but this is what I've gathered.
      On the forums, Estes has said something along the line of - The tri-fold mount has worked well for many years. They didn't see a real reason for changing.
      I don't believe Quest has any Patent lock on the engine mount/Kevlar tie idea. Semroc and other vendors use it.
      Remember that Kevlar is flame resistant, not flameproof. It probably won't last beyond 20 ejection charges. I've had it burn through on rockets with many flights. Maybe that is part of the Estes mindset?
      If Estes were ever to add Kevlar, it would probably be on a "latest new kit" basis. To change over every currently available kit would be expensive.
      Estes knows that most new rocket hobbyists will only launch a single, first rocket three times then leave the hobby. For them, the shock cord mounts don't have to be anything more than a tri-fold mount.
      Estes also knows that experienced builders would probably upgrade a kit anyway. Many add Kevlar, rail buttons, longer shock cords and nylon parachutes to 3FNC rocket kits.