Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Estes Gemini Titan #1978 Build, Part 5, Nozzles 1

I used Plastruct Plastic Weld to join the nozzle halves together.
Take a moment to line up the two halves before applying glue to the inside of the nozzle bells.
On the left is a first fit, the inset shows a better match after moving the nozzle halves the slightest amount. Gluing the halves together with matched seams leaves you with less to clean up later.

With the seams lined up and flush, there was very little to clean up.
A piece of 400 grit was folded and run over the seams in the nozzle bands.

I'll probably paint the nozzles before gluing the nozzles to the adapter plate. It's easier to mask the nozzle bells without the plate in the way.

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