Saturday, September 24, 2016

Estes Gemini Titan #1978 Build, Part 9, Wrap Around Roll Pattern Decals, Part A

I had real trouble with the decals, they were over 30 years old! Even after a coat of Micro-Sol, the decals would not release from the backing paper no matter how long they soaked.
I had to make up my own roll patterns by spraying black paint onto blank, clear decal paper and cutting the bands to size.

The kit decals and placement instructions are vague. The decals supplied in the kit made no allowance for the tunnels running down the body tube.

I started with my vertical cut sprayed decal. The piece that went over the tunnel was cut a little wider to allow for the extra width going over the tunnel.
A wet paint brush pressed the decal into the inside corners of the tunnel.

The only decal that cooperated and released from the backing paper was the cut outs roll. Thank goodness for that, this would be a hard one to draw up to the right diameter. it was placed next.

Mentioned earlier, the kit decals are meant to go over the tunnels. No kit decal could fit over something like this without cutting.
I decided to "paint" the black at the top of the upper tunnel.

First the tunnel was outlined with a fine point Sharpie. Continued next post . . .

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