Sunday, September 18, 2016

Estes Gemini Titan #1978 Build, Part 3, Engine Mount Gluing

You use the plastic fin can to set the depth of the engine mount. I did a dry fit. After pulling off the fin can I noticed the brown engine tube was even with the low end of the BT-60 tube.

The yellow tube was removed.
A dowel was used to apply glue at 1 1/2" in. The engine mount was slid in. I used the flat side of my sanding block to press the mount in place. Using the flat block guarantees both tube ends are even.

The instructions say to look for a raised mark on the locking ring. I tried to take the picture so you could see the mark. Its almost non-existent.

I placed a small piece of tape on the mark.

The raised mark is important, it is the launch lug glue line.
Here you can see how it centers between the fins.

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