Sunday, September 18, 2016

Self Adhesive 400 Grit Sandpaper

I bought some of the self adhesive 400 grit sandpaper from the Klingspor website.
You could spray some adhesive on the the back of some 400 grit but it's easier to use a sticky backed sandpaper on the Great Planes sanding block.

Great Planes sells self adhesive sandpaper rolls. The finest grit they well is 220. I didn't know how well the Klingspor paper would stick.
It sticks almost too well!
When it is removed it leaves paper and adhesive.
It doesn't clean off easily.

To remove the goop, use some Glue Gone on a paper towel. It will take a few applications to clean it all off. I bring this up to save anybody else you some frustration.

EDIT: Daniel (The Rocket N00b) figured out how to remove the overly sticky Klingspor sandpaper. Stop by his blog: CLICK HERE


  1. Thanks for the info! Will have pop over to the site and check what's available.

    1. Hi Naoto,
      Like I mentioned in the post, the sandpaper goo takes some time to clean off. It doesn't remove as easily as the Great Planes 220 grit.
      I make a point of pressing the sticky side of the sandpaper on the pant leg of my jeans a few times to diminish the adhesion. That didn't help much, it still stuck too well!
      This Klingspor 400 grit sandpaper doesn't last as long as the higher grade (not sticky backed) Norton brand. Still, it's easier not to use a spray adhesive to hold sandpaper on the block.

  2. I find it's much easier to remove the Klingspoor from the Great Planes sander by holding the sander under warm running water and slowly pulling it off.

    As you pull, allow the stream of water to directly flow onto the joint between the paper and the sander. Pull very slowly but firmly.

    This takes most of the adhesive with it. The rest, as you say, can be cleaned up with Goo Gone. I actually use a little bit of Ronsonol Lighter Fluid on the end of a Q-tip. A little light rubbing with the Q-tip, and the excess adhesive is gone.

    1. Thanks Daniel,
      I'll have to give that a try!

  3. Chris,

    What is the item number for the sand paper you purchased?

    1. Hi Ethan,
      Here's the link to the Klingspor 400 grit talked about in the above post:

      The Great Planes block is here:

      The Great Planes sandpaper 220 grit rolls are here: