Friday, September 30, 2016

Saturn V Blog Posts - Book Form!

Estes has re-released the Saturn V kit - CLICK HERE
This new version has injection molded two-piece plastic fins, a big improvement over the two-sided vacuform fins. There are probably other updates in the kit but many of my build posts still apply.

Here's my original blog post from a few months back:  
I received an email from Andy Stobie. He was getting back into rocketry and was interested in buying an Estes Saturn V on Ebay.
I told him to wait, as Estes is coming out with a new version of the 1/100th scale Saturn V kit in late June.
EDIT: After delays it was just released in September, 2016.

Andy had found my Saturn V build posts. The problem has always been that the posts are retained in the dated order, from finish to start. The Saturn V build was LONG, leading to a lot of backtracking to get to the first post.

Andy took the time to put the entire build into a WordPad format, from start to finish!

The blog goes into detail on many steps. There are lots of tips and kit enhancements along with a timeline showing how long each step took.

If you request this "book form" build, please be a serious builder. It takes a few minutes to send the files via DropBox. As explained earlier, this build document goes from start to finish. The original blog posts go from finished build to the beginning requiring some backtracking.

This document is available, email me at
and request the Saturn V blog build in DropBox formats.

Many thanks go out to Andy for taking the time to put the build in an easier format!

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  1. My pleasure! Thanks for doing the hard work for us. Just got my new Estes Saturn V kit. Will be following any posts for that one! Andy.