Friday, September 2, 2016

Jake Parker - Finished Not Perfect

I ran across a great video on Facebook by Jake Parker.
He's an illustrator, and a good one.
To see the video, CLICK HERE

While this doesn't directly relate to rocketry the message is important. Finish what you start. The next and following builds will get better and better.

Sombody said I'm obsessed with the "perfect build". Not so.
I try to build my models strong and finished well. Not necessarily perfect.
One out of twenty rockets remain a shelf queen. The others get flown and eventually dinged up.

Following the video I had a good "show" exchange with a Fred Becker, a great cruise ship magician.

Chris Michaels True, true, true! First prototypes are rarely used. Second, third and fourth "builds" are refined. If you are truly honest with yourself, never perfected. That's okay, true perfection loses all it's humanity - and sometimes half your audience.

Fred Becker I have a friend that was almost paralyzed by the need for perfection. He was an amazing artist at what he did, but could not make a deadline. It would frustrate his clients to no end. This video can help. Get it done, grow, rinse, repeat.

Chris Michaels I've known a few people like that, too. Practice does not make perfect, practice makes real close!


  1. Thanks Chris, I needed that boost.

  2. I was thinking about this very concept yesterday. I think I actually saw something about it on a jobs blog, but I thought, This applies to rockets as well!