Thursday, September 22, 2016

Estes Gemini Titan #1978 Build, Part 7, Capsule Mask

Florida is VERY humid in the Summer. While the body tube dried in two days the white on the capsule stayed sticky for a week! I had to wait before doing any masking. The sticky back of the masking tape could go right into the paint if not fully dried.

There are raised details on the blow molded capsule that are right at the mask line.
I used a fine point Sharpie to define the black line. On the left you can see some practice passes I made on the upper part of the capsule. The pen tip easily stayed in the grooves.

On the right is the low end of the black. I blackened above the the line so the masking tape could overlap the black slightly without worry.

Small pieces of Scotch tape were set slightly above the line edge and all around the capsule.

Masking tape went below that and a grocery bag covered the shoulder.

On the right, the capsule after the mask was removed. Some very light scraping with a knife sharpened the mask line even more.

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