Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Well Used Red Max on Ebay

From YORF, Frognbuff found this beauty on Ebay:

Vintage Estes Red Max - USED
Starting bid: $19.95
Expedited Shipping to Orlando only $25.95

"Red Max rocket. Used condition. String needs to be reattached to chute.
No engines. It measures 15" tall. Please look at pics closely."

I've heard of fix-er-upers but this is pretty ridiculous.
String needs to be reattached to the chute? That's the big concern?

I sometimes sell finished models on Ebay. This would never make the cut!

There's a broken, rotted shock cord down inside that out of round tube!

To see the Ebay listing: CLICK HERE
I might follow this auction to see if it gets a bid.

Starship Excalibur build continues tomorrow!


  1. But wait, look at the age and wear & tear. Look at the folksy, rough-hewn construction and rugged individualist decal placement. This rocket has seen many a rough and tumble flight in its life. What stories it could tell! You can't BUY life experience like that...well, now you can, for only $46.

    Hey, people pay big bucks for distressed furniture and "relic'd" guitars; maybe pre-loved rockets are the next big thing :^)

    1. Hi Lonnie,
      Yeah, I could sell my old "distressed" rockets and call them "well flown". That's like calling a used car - pre owned.

  2. Sooo, the including shipping cost is within shouting distance of the discount price for a MEGA Der Red Max? Not enough"intangible" value there to be worth it... unless it was built by Werner Von Braun hisself!

  3. This one looks like a nice fix 'n flip....