Monday, October 31, 2016

Small Pop-Up Spray Booth - TIP

Here's something I found on Pinterest: Small Spray Shelter
CLICK HERE to see it on Amazon.

It could be used for some rocket builds.
It never occurred to me to use something like this, it reminds me of a small pop-up tent.
Check out his filter mask. If you're not spraying outdoors, you'll need one of these.
My mask is not that good, maybe I should upgrade!


  1. If you are painting inside, you definitely need a respirator. $45 or so at Home Depot to save your lungs is pretty cheap.

  2. I saw that the other day, and thought it looked interesting. I've made a few small booths with cardboard boxes and cheap furnace filters, but they're a hassle and take up space. Something collapsible would be great.

  3. It does address overspray problem, but it doesn't appear to address fumes -- so it is still important to make sure you have adequate ventilation when using these indoors. Aside from the health concerns, another thing you'll need to be careful about is potential fire hazard from flammable fumes.

  4. Just to clarify why I was mentioning flammable fumes -- if you're using a homemade spray booth with ventilation fan, you'll need to make sure you'll need to make sure to avoid sparking in the switch and fan (otherwise there's a chance it could ignite fumes).