Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Master Bath Mirror Framing

I recently framed the mirror in the master bathroom.
This was one of those big mirrors, just stuck to the wall with adhesive. It was too big and a frame would warm up the room and make the mirror appear smaller. Rather than pulling it off the wall and leaving holes in the drywall to fill, (I've been through that before) I simply framed it with decorative door casing pieces.

Why is this on the blog?
Cutting, fitting, gluing, caulking and painting all came into play.
Without the experience from model building I wouldn't have the skills, problem solving or patience to tackle a project like this.


  1. Hey Chris, nice work! I totally agree that modeling skills translate nicely to home decorating/repair work. Furniture refinishing, too. Quite a few projects that I felt comfortable tacking because they were kind of just like building a big rocket.....that doesn't fly.

    Reminds me that I should get started on re-doing my my master bath to un-do the previous owner's very badly executed 1980s re-do. The other bathroom is even worse: badly executed 1970s original with tomato orange vanity top and wacky plaid wallpaper.

    1. Hi Lawrence,
      Thanks for writing. This bathroom and the other two were all re-done. They were new 10 years ago but all with the cheapest hardware the contractor could purchase.
      I get great satisfaction (after some initial frustration) fixing all the stuff the builders got away with the first time.
      Every time I smooth a line of caulking I think of fin fillets.