Sunday, October 9, 2016

Semroc (Estes) Starship Excalibur Build, Part 11, Fin Rounding and Antenna

Here's how the rounded leading edges are joined at the "V".

Angle your sanding block at 45 degrees. Sand into the "V". The block will butt up to and stop at the vane.

Start the fin rounding with the block and finish up with finer sandpaper.
Try to get a smooth rounded transition between the two pieces.

Here's the finished leading edge "Vs" and the trailing edge dowel pieces.

The small antenna pieces were also cut out of the harder balsa.
The leading and trailing edges were rounded.
The antenna glues onto the bottom of the shuttle bay assembly.

The nose cone shoulder wasn't very sharp.
With the nose cone slid out of the tube end, CWF was painted just over the lip of the shoulder. The nose cone was pressed into the tube. The wet CWF made a raised bead and a more squared lip

The second picture shows the shoulder lip after sanding down to the outside diameter of the body tube.

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