Friday, October 21, 2016

Semroc (Estes) Starship Excalibur Build, Part 22, Fin Gluing

The fin root edges were sanded down removing most all of the grey primer filler.

The first fit required some of the inside tab to be sanded off until the fin sat flat on the crew module and BT-5 tubing slots.

Here's one of the fins after fitting.

Be sure to check the centering of the forward fin vane as shown in the inset picture.

Here's the moment every builder waits for, the finished assembly.
An impressive model.


  1. Impressive model, impressive build. Can't wait to see it in gloss white with the orange decals. They really make this model pop.
    On a side note, for those of you who have had to forgo an interesting build because a specialty nose cone is unavailable, may I humbly recommend Gordon Agnello ( Sandman ) of Roachwerks Custom Machining. While Sandman Decals and Excelsior Rocketry may not be active any longer, Roachwerks does excellent custom wood turning. I had 2 MX missile cones turned a few months ago, and built the Estes MX missile and Mini Mars Lander. Just ordered the SR-71 jet inlet and tail nozzles. Gordon turned and shipped them out in a day! He can also do poplar, birch, and other hardwoods.
    BTW Chris, I ran across your entries for the SR-71 build from a couple of years ago after ordering these, will review for any "gotchas".

    BAR Geezer

    1. Hi BAR,
      Gordon does good work, I've bought many decals from him in the past. I'll certainly keep him in mind for any "one off" custom nose cones.

  2. Just stumbled across something that could be of interest -- the cover illustration from the Aug 1968 issue of Model Rocket News:

    (located on website under Library/Estes Library )

    1. Naoto san, omoshiroi desu nee? That is waaaaaay too cool. Makes me want to add srbs to my Excalibur clone. Hai, doomo....

      Gary Saito (BARgeezer)

    2. Hi Naoto,
      That is the Starship Excalibur all right! I've seen that cover in the past but never put the two designs together.