Friday, October 7, 2016

Orlando, Post Hurricane Damage

I've received some emails from blog readers asking how I did during Hurricane Matthew.

We had 50 MPH wind gusts and some rains overnight.
I live in Orlando, about two miles NE of the International Airport. That's the airport you fly into when going to Disney World.
We are about 55 miles from the East Coast, far enough away from the eye of the storm.
I walked the neighborhood and found two smaller trees down and a rain gutter downspout on the ground. There are palm fronds, leaves and sticks everywhere.

I'm lucky, I prepared for the worst and got by with a small cleanup. No broken windows, no downed trees, no leaks and never lost power. But, 20 miles away there are big trees down, power outages and roof damage.
News reports are now coming in from the coast -

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  1. Good to here you and everything around you is fine.
    Thanks for the update.