Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New Quest Website Open

The Quest website is open today - October 5, 2016. CLICK HERE

Kits, parts, launchers and controllers are there.
Engines and igniters - not yet. Some starter sets are listed with engines.
There seems to be a LOT of "Special Offers". Looks like the Shrox Aerospace One kits are gone, the MLAS is still available at $20.00.
Water Rockets seem to have a big presence.
Parts are listed but pictures aren't posted yet. "Placeholder" pages are ready for more listings and pictures.

Somebody help me here - What's a PFU?

This new website is a great step in the right direction.
Let's hope engines and igniters aren't far off!


  1. Chris,
    I believe PFU = plastic fin unit. If I'm not mistaken, that includes the fin can and the fins. I bought one a few months ago to make a quick Nike Smoke clone. Easiest Nike Smoke build ever.

    BAR Geezer

    1. Thanks BAR,
      Now I feel stupid!
      I did a search online for PFU and got Plaque Forming Units, Potter Freaks United and Proton Flux Unit.
      I've also made that old MPC Nike Smoke from the PFU fins and nose cone.

  2. Not too impressed. The descriptions of the rocket kits are very basic and don't even include the diameter. Of course it's all the same old stuff, is Quest ever going to produce a new interesting kit. Or perhaps a new scale kit?

    1. Hi Jim,
      It looks to me like most of Quest LPR model rockets are aimed to first timers, school, scout and 4H groups. Water rockets are prominent on the web page. Some school districts won't allow BP engines on school property anymore.
      About 10 years ago Quest came out with many new kits, most of those are gone now.
      There is more on the website today, most of the parts and accessories have new pictures.
      It'll take them a while to get all the complete descriptions online.