Thursday, October 13, 2016

Semroc (Estes) Starship Excalibur Build, Part 15, Fin Pod Gluing

I would hate to see these pods break off on a hard landing.
I've used "glue rivets" before, where you punch small holes in root edges with a needle.

TIP: Use a sharpened dowel to make rivet holes in a balsa root edge. The holes will be slightly larger and not as deep as made with a needle.
You'll want to use the "double glue" method to attach the pods to the outside edges of the fins.
The pods are heavy enough to drop off the fin after you press them in place. The double glue method will keep them on the fin while the glue dries.

The DOUBLE GLUE method:
Apply glue and press the fin in place. Remove the fin leaving some glue on the body tube and the root edge of the fin. Let the glue set-up for a minute. Reapply glue to the leading edge and press the fin back on the glue already on the tube. The fin should quickly stick to the body tube.

The fin pods are difficult to line up from the outside.
Look at the pod position from the root edge of the fin. Be sure it is in line with the length of the fin from bottom to top.

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