Sunday, October 23, 2016

Blog Ground Rules

It seems I have to set some ground rules every year or so -
This is not directed at everybody reading the blog -
Just a few who are treating it like a forum.

I used to post more often on rocketry forums. I got tired of people telling me I was doing things wrong. "That's not the way I do it" was one of the reasons this blog was started.

If the builds and tips shown here have helped out - great!
This is simply how I do it. My methods are not the only way to get a rocket built. If you disagree with my techniques, don't post a comment to tell me I'm doing it wrong.
This is what works for me. If you don't agree, you can start your own blog.

I do welcome comments - but -
If you make a comment, don't advertise or post links to another rocketry vendor.
The blog is not here to advertise products for another vendor. I'll occasionally let you know about a sale or clearance.
If you post a website address link it might be deleted. I can't promote your rockets, cosmetics or home siding. (This has happened!)

The blog is free! If you have learned something or were helped in a build,
Please CLICK on an ad. The only way the blog is paid for is through the advertisements.
You don't have to buy anything, click on then pause, then click out.


  1. I must apologize; I didn't know these rules when I posted suggestions as to how I do things (where they differ from your ways). I'm sure I've offended you several times, and I am sorry.

    1. Hi Chris,
      You are certainly not the problem! Suggestions are great and have sometimes changed the way I do things. There are a few who really get adamant about how they build and fly rockets. That and other vendor plugs.

  2. I know a huge offender of this on TRF, and we have talked about him on more than one occasion. I don't know if he reads the blog, so he will remain nameless here.

  3. Have no issue with your ground rules at all. Being a BAR, I've seen and learned many new techniques, most of which contributed greatly to my builds. The few that didn't (or I wasn't comfortable trying yet) doesn't mean they're bad. I appreciate the knowledge you put forth, and you've been kind enough to answer personal emails. Continue to put forth what works for you-I'm never too old to lean something new...

  4. I've learned an immense amount from this blog. It's one of my several-times-a-day stops.

    I stayed away from TRF for a while because of the same thing. It seems like there are "experts" everywhere. My favorite is when I'm told I've designed something wrong, when what I'm clearly building is a kit. "Hey, buddy," I think, "if you don't like it, take it up with Estes."

  5. There are blogs on various topics where I won't read the comments any more - what used to be fun, spirited, interesting discussions have degenerated into toxic, childish, insulting nonsense. I rank Mr. Michielsson's blog as one of the "good spots" on the web - stuff dicussed here makes you think! The positive attitudes and focus on the reason the blog exists in the first place makes this a great resource.

  6. I'll add my voice to the list of those who greatly enjoy this blog. Even though I've built hundreds of rockets in my lifetime, I have found a great number of your techniques to be very useful. I often find myself thinking - "Man, I wish I had known that technique before...." Keep up the good work!