Saturday, October 8, 2016

Semroc (Estes) Starship Excalibur Build, Part 10, Fin Assembly

The picture shows a dry fit of the vane on the leading edge of the fin.

I wanted rounded leading and trailing edges on the fins.
Sometimes it can be difficult to get a smooth round leading edge in the "V" where the vane and the leading edge of the fin meet.

I went ahead and rounded the leading edge of the smaller vane but left the forward leading edge of the fin square.
Don't round the leading edge of the larger fin piece yet, you won't know how far in to go until after the vane is glued on.

The fin tabs made it a little more difficult to line up the two pieces at the root.
I used the square corner of a strait edge to get them in line.

I have a cutting board in my kitchen that is clear. The top is a pebbled surface but the bottom is flat.
It makes a perfect even weight for gluing. You can see through it and know if anything pieces may have shifted before the glue dries.

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