Saturday, October 29, 2016

Semroc (Estes) Starship Excalibur Build, Part 28, White Paint

After all the adventures with spray paint I decided to try something new.
My can of Rusto 2X gloss white was about 1/3 full and the nozzle probably not clear. Rather than risk it, I grabbed a new can.

TIP: Before spraying directly on the model I made some passes on some scrap cardboard. Good thing - some rough "cottage cheese" sprayed out after the initial first pass.
I've written about this before, Rusto 2X can be a great paint most of the time. You just have to take some precautions.
Shake, then shake some more.
Some pigment might be in the interior feed straw. If the paint is new or has been sitting on the shelf you might want to clear whatever might be settled inside.

This time I got an even coat with a pretty good gloss.
This is a tough one to spray, too many inside areas that can get dulled with over spray.

And the front end -
After it all dries the decals will be applied.
And yes, I did print a new name decal.
Font #4 got the most votes.

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