Thursday, October 27, 2016

Didn't Win! on Ebay

Here's one I didn't win on Ebay - a sealed MPC Starter Set.
I already have an old, beaten up MPC launcher and controller. My launcher is missing pieces, the wind direction rod and original blast deflector aren't there. The plastic is discolored and feels brittle.

This set is interesting though. A Nike Smoke rocket has been substituted and the engines are probably still in there.
Another reason I wanted it - the ceramic blast deflector. I sell MPC sized ceramic deflectors at Odd'l Rockets. My original MPC deflector was broken when new molds were made!

I went as high as $61.00 before shipping. It sold for $86.00, too high for me.
The same guy has outbid me before. I'm not a rocket collector, I have some things but not as much as others do. This set would have been a keeper.

One day - I will have a Vashon Valkyrie 2, un-assembled in the long box!

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