Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mega Zoom Broom?

Here's one from a company I never knew existed.
From Rocketpad - It's the MEGA ZOOM BROOM! 
This kit is up for auction on Ebay.

I don't understand this design. It's a sorta' upscaled, stretch version of the Estes Goonybird Zoom Broom. The original Goonys were introduced in 1973.
Apparently Rocketpad had quite a few kits out from 2004 through 2006. Many were MEGA versions of older Estes designs. CLICK HERE to see the lineup.

This Rocketpad kit may have upscale fins and the nose cone profile but there are no markings that even hint at the Estes original. The fins make no sense without the "airplane" decor.
Maybe that's why it needs the big "MEGA ZOOM BROOM" name down the side so you'll know what it's supposed to be.


  1. Perhaps they didn't have permission from Estes to replicate the kit or decals.

    Ironic, when you consider that the Zoom Broom was originally designed to be the Russian.

    1. Hi Lonnie,
      I can bet this vendor didn't get permission for any of his mega upscales. The art he used looks like Halloween line art you can easily find on line.