Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New Quest Website Opens on October 5

Quest Aerospace has been down for the past few days.
Today (October 4) there is a teaser home page with the message:

"Hi! Thanks for checking out the new Quest Aerospace website. We are currently stocking the website with hundreds of items and will be open for business on October 5, 2016."

To visit the Quest Website, CLICK HERE

Here's an illustration I can't easily read, the screen goes dark a second after the website is opened.

Along with the Quest Metric tube sizes - 20, 35 & 50mm, it also lists BT-20, BT-30, BT-40. BT-50 and BT-80.


  1. BT-30 and BT-40 tubes were produced by Semroc. The only place I know that stocks them now is erockets, since they took over the business. Don't know why Quest is listing those sizes, not much demand for those tubes now.

    BAR Geezer

    1. Hi BAR,
      I'm sure you know this - Semroc (now at ERockets) didn't make the tubes themselves. All the tubes sold for model rocket use are produced by Euclid and distributed by vendors, including Estes.
      The old MPC tubes and parts now sold by Quest were Metric, 20mm, 30mm and so on.

  2. Interesting... 20, 35 and 50mm sizes are exactly what Klima Raketenmodellbau produce and sell. I wouldn't be surprised if Quest will offer them and Klima nose cones etc. as well.
    Heck, maybe in the future even Klima motors.


    1. Hi Leo!
      Well, Quest has always had Metric tubing going back to their previous life at MPC. But, you knew that. Klima sold some Quest kits before producing their own. After all the old promises I doubt Klima will produce engines for Quest.