Thursday, June 15, 2017

Better Bomb Details on Odd'l F-16

The bomb (or tank) wing details on the Odd'l Rockets F-16 kit were a compromise. Being a small vendor I certainly couldn't afford to have molds made for short run kits. Carved dowels were used for the larger tanks under the wings. They look good, but the shape could be better.

These steps show how to form the back end of the wing tank dowel with a longer taper.

Knock off the rear edges with a pencil sharpener. You don't have to take it to a sharp point, just remove some of the excess.

On the left, the edge to be removed was marked with a pencil.

Make small chip cuts smoothing out the curve.

Wrap some 220 grit around the dowel and turn it against the sandpaper like a slow moving lathe.

After that, sand up and down as shown in the inset picture.

Here's the new shaped tank next to the F-16 tank. Both look fine but the new shape is better and more streamlined.

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