Friday, June 30, 2017

Estes Apollo Little Joe II Build, Part 26, Tower Spot Fill

At the center of the "X" indent of the tower there is a round mold circle. There really isn't a way to use spot putty on it, it'd be very hard to sand smooth.
I squeezed out a drop of medium CA glue on some scrap cardboard. A blunt toothpick was dipped in the drop. This was set in the dent making a little pool. The drop stayed in the round dent.
It took two applications to fill the dent. No sanding was needed to smooth it out.
EDIT: After a shot of gloss white, I'll have to go back and do another application of CA glue filler. This might be more work than it's worth!

On the escape tower tube the ends were fuzzy after sanding down the first coat of white on the tower tube.
Some CA was applied with a Q-tip followed by light sanding. The CA was brushed on the inside and just over the top to the outside. Note the CA coat does not go deep into the tube. You don't want to seal the tube where plastic parts will be glued in later.


  1. The instructions tell you to fill the escape tower tube with clay for weight. When I did that, the oil from the clay seemed to soak through the tube. But I used a skin that I got from ebay on the tube and it seems to be ok, but it may be a problem if you intend to paint the tube?

    1. Hi Bill,
      I haven't got that far yet -
      The clay in the old Centuri card stock kits was known for bleeding through tube walls over time. Maybe a Saran wrap or wax paper liner?