Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Estes STM-012 Kitbash to the B32-M Spike, Part 7, In Line Fin Gluing

The body tube was marked and the primer/filler scraped off the root edge and fillet areas.

The rear fins were glued on first; The trailing edges were set down farther back than the Madcow Pike.

Thin tape lines were rolled around the tube to align the tailing edges of the other two fins.

Craft sticks (Popsicle sticks) were used with clothespins to insure both fins were in line.

Here's the side view showing the flipped clothespins. When the backs are used for clamping the pressure is more even and spread out.


  1. Craft sticks works great on smaller models. Just make sure they are not warped, or the fins could be out of alignment.

    1. Hi Metal,
      Good point! I do check the sticks to be sure they are straight, I've thrown out the warped ones.