Saturday, June 17, 2017

Estes Apollo Little Joe II Build, Part 12, Engine Mount

I sand the ends of the engine block rings flat. It will fit better against the upper bend of the engine hook.

I know - moot point.

The engine block is about 1" down inside the top of the tube. Apply a ring of glue using a Q-tip or dowel.

TIP: Slide the engine block in place using a 24mm engine casing. Sometimes engine blocks can go in at a slight angle. The casing will help keep it straight.

The top centering ring is glued in place. It is not even with the end of the tube, but about 1/16" down from the top edge. This allows better glue fillets on both sides. In this picture the top ring is down.
I'm not gluing the lower ring (with the nozzles) on the engine tube.

Here's the finished mount, the lower ring (closest with the nozzle holes) is not glued on yet.

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