Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Worse X-Acto Product Ever!

I couldn't find my pencil sharpener. I wanted to sharpen some dowels. I walked to the grocery store and found this.
I figured I'd go the extra money and get the X-Acto brand pencil sharpener. It's an interesting shape, a "Triangle" with two different sized sharpeners. That white piece on the top is an eraser.

We've all used X-Acto products before with good results. NOT THIS TIME!

I started sharpening a dowel and the case popped open. I snapped it shut and it opened again.
That clear window opens on a hinge. After struggling it did open but the opening is too small - the shavings won't shake out! When you sharpen the pencil by turning it to the right, it pushes the shavings away from the window area forcing them into the side of the sharpener.
The eraser at the top pops off when you try to erase with it. I threw the eraser away.
I'll use the sharpener for now, but hopefully will find a better one soon.
Don't say this blog isn't valuable, I just saved you all $1.19!

I went to the X-Acto website and let them know how disappointed I was. I lead a very exciting life. Did you know X-Acto is now owned by Borden? I think Elmer and Elsie the cows should concentrate on glue and dairy products.

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