Sunday, June 11, 2017

Estes Apollo Little Joe II Build, Part 3, Still More Parts

That large water slide decal wrap would be very difficult to apply. I'll probably cut it into smaller segments, maybe even cutting out the squares individually.
Ask anybody who has tried to apply the Mega Der Red Max body wrap!

Here's the mystery piece!
The parts illustration does say "NOT USED". But I have to wonder why it was attached to the plastic tree. I checked the old Centuri instructions and it's not shown there either.

The only thing I can figure is it might have been the tie point for the capsule shock cord. It can lay next to and be glued against the vertical rib inside the capsule.
This cylinder piece was part of the old molded Centuri parts. That might be what is shown in this illustration. The new Estes HH piece is probably an improvement over the older attachment.

The Centuri Little Joe Historical Brochure is included!
It was Copyrighted in 1968 and had a retail price of $1.00.

There are 12 pages of history and scale data.


  1. It is the shock cord attachment from the Centuries kit. I still have my original. Built of course.