Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Flying Porta Pad Launcher

When I first saw the new Estes HEX-3 kit I didn't think of an odd-ball rocket.
HISTORY: This isn't the first card stock rocket kit. Centuri had their Two-Bits, Vulcan and X-24 kit back in the 1970s.

I saw the girders printed on the sides and was reminded of the original Porta Pad launcher.
HISTORY: The first Porta Pads were yellow then later orange. An all chrome version was in the Citation line starter set.

Here's my take on adapting the Porta Pad legs to the Hex-3 style design.
I didn't buy the Hex-3 kit, I enlarged the parts picture from the Estes website and drew up my own version. (Sorry, I can't email these drawings.)

Looking at it now, I should have made the center piece just a six sided cylinder, not a cone shape. The white "holes" in the legs could have been smaller. Oh well, the old timers will get it.

From the underside - 
A heavy mat board support ring was cut. There is no need for an internal launch lug. The rod simply slides through the hole in the bottom ring beside the engine tube then through the split 20/50 ring at the top.


  1. Looks like we may have to compare Hexes at NEFAR, if you go. The ROCK launch isn't looking good. Even if it's a go, having to park in the parking lot, instead of on the field would likely make it too big of a pain for us to go.

    1. Hi Metal,
      I picked up some C6 engines for my HEX today. I always park in the parking lot, my car is too low and I don't want to get stuck. If there is no R.O.C.K launch I'll be at NEFAR!